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Valhall Recruitment

Post by Malici » Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:18 pm

Welcome to Valhall recruitment. First, a brief history:

Valhall was created way back in 2001-02 in an MMO known as Everquest, where we were the premiere EU raiding guild on a predominantly US server.
The core members of the guild has since made the transition from Everquest to World of Warcraft where we lead the server in PVE progression since WoW's release till mid-2007.

Now, to gauge whether you will be a good fit for our guild, contemplate the following:

Our ethos
We play to experience all available content at our own pace, at a level of competence that has been the hallmark of Valhall over the years.
All applicants are expected to display a certain level of competence which we will gauge during your trial period. You should also be independent and responsible enough to be prepared for PVE events as needed.
Throughout our history, Valhall as a guild has always followed a strict code of humility, meaning that we do not believe in announcing server first accomplishments or bragging about accomplishments in general.
We largely keep to ourselves away from public channels and forums, and we despise meddling in other guilds' affairs.

Our raid days are Wednesday (20:00), Thursday (20:00) and Sunday (20.00)
Raids last roughly 3 hours with a short break allocated appropriately.
We also operate a social/alt run on a Tuesday running lower tier content.
Whilst there is no strict attendance requirement we expect members to join at least 2 raids per week.

We operate using a Master Looter system which is distributed at the discretion of the officer team.
Valhall has always maintained a very high level of trust among its members, meaning we reward players in a way that makes sense for the team.
If you are contributing regularly in a positive way you should expect to be rewarded justly. With this in mind we expect all members to see when certain items will benefit the team as a whole rather than any one individual.

We welcome players from all levels of gear, veterans, new players, re-rollers from horde, re-rollers wanting to try a new class in Legion.
If you would like to raid with us, we ask you always keep your gear up to date and to come prepared with consumables. Note that you must be appropriately geared for the content you want to participate in.
This means you are not likely to join a current Tier progress raid while wearing old gear unless we are farming content and are able to gear you.

The above should sum up just about everything Valhall represents. Should you have further queries, feel free to contact any member of the officer team in game.
Now that you have a good understanding of our guild and you feel that Valhall is the right guild for you, then fill in the below questionnaire and send it to Ugg via private messages.
People who fail at reading and post their applications on the forum itself automatically get their application rejected.

Please take note that the application process may take a few days.

Valhall Recruitment Questionnaire

1. What is the name, class and spec of your character? (include armoury link and/or wowprogress if possible). Describe your play style, do you enjoy Tanking, Healing or DPSing?

2. Tell us a bit more about yourself outside of WoW, how old are you and what do you do for a living?

3. Which aspect of Valhall's guild policy entices you? Why would Valhall be a good guild for you and why would you be a good member for Valhall?

4. How long have you been playing WoW and what guilds were you part of in the past? Why have you left your old guild to come to us?

5. How often do you see yourself logging on to raid with the guild on a weekly basis? What do you hope to achieve in WoW as a player?

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