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29 Aug 16 : The Burning Legion is upon us!

Hello everyone!

The ladies of Valhall are excited for the new expansion arrival, players old and new have logged on to fight back the burning legion during the excellent pre expansion events. More of this please blizzard. Now a short word about our progress from the final tier of Warlords of Draenor...

We finished up on a very respectable 11/13 Mythic in Hellfire Citadel, excellent work by raiders old and new who stuck around so long without any new content to consume! Our raiding progress started in July and ended with Archimonde Heroic in Sept, then on to Mythic the following week where over the course of the next 3 months we racked up 11 Mythic kills, with our best run being 3 new kills all within the same reset! All this from only 3 raid nights a week, a total of 9 hours per reset. Excellent progress im sure you will agree for a casual raiding guild.

This is a slight departure from our previous charter of a casual raiding guild, however the tag casual can be interpreted in different ways, we seem to have found ourselves with an excellent group of players who can push for the top level of content available while still keeping a relaxed and friendly environment at all times. We have stuck with our usuall 3 nights a week raiding, with a relaxed attendance and looting policy that we have used for the past few expansions and has worked very well for us.

Looking forward, to The Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold, we do expect to clear both of these quite quickly, our progress into Mythic will as usual be determined by who we have left after the first few months of an expansion launch. This time we think due to the introduction of artifact weapons, mythic+ dungeon keystone system and the world quest system giving players constant new content to consume, this will be our highest consistent active player count for years. Hopefully this will give us a great selection of geared and active players to help our push into the top ranked progression guilds on the server.

posted by Ugg on Monday 29th August 2016