29 May 14 : Yet more heroic progress in the face of summer slacking!

Normally at this time of year the ladies of Valhall take a well deserved break from monster slaying and whoring glorious loots, around now you will find us sunning ourselves on beaches and running around in fields enjoying the great outdoors and socialising with friends and family. This year however is a little different, we have a new breed of Lady, a new breed that has a certain bloodlust and drive to achieve more at the highest level while not breaking a sweat.

Currently in Siege of Orgrimmar with the Ladies killing a new heroic boss almost each reset in the first few weeks of attempts gave us the drive to continue and see just how far we could get...


Galakras Heroic, Mar 27th 2014


General Nazgrim Heroic, Apr 2nd 2014


Iron Juggernaut Heroic, May 21st 2014

Recruitment has also been very strong, even at this stage of the expansion. With several new and promising recruits joining our ranks, standing in awe of our experienced raid team, as they lead the way to glory and promised loot whoring. As always we will consider applications at any time, however recruitment is currently closed to all classes while we have people on trial.

posted by Ugg on Thursday 29th May 2014