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06 Sep 13 : Throne of Thunder: The End

In the last Throne of Thunder raid before Siege of Orgrimmar and patch 5.4 finally arrive on servers next reset, we finished off Twins on heroic. You can find us posturing below; a video is still in the making, our very own movie director assured me though it will be available soon (tm).

A big thank you to all raid members for what has been a continuous blast all through the latter stages of the last tier as well as Throne of Thunder. I am sure there will be many more epic kills to come in the upcoming new raid.


I would like to point out we are currently still recruiting one ranged dps, preferably a balance druid with bear off-spec; we are also considering a mage. As usual, you can find out recruitment needs here on the portal page, on the official realm forums and on WoWProgress. Looking forward to your application!

Edit: The mentioned video is now available. Thanks again for yet one more awesome piece of work, Ruddles!

posted by Xeephran on Friday 6th September 2013