06 May 05 : From 15 to 40

Normally I don't bother updating the News page unless we have accomplished something news-worthy, but since we are still a month or so away from beating the 'real' raid dungeons, I thought an update on our progress would be better than nothing. And just f.y.i, the banner pic is taken before one of our UBRS raids.

First of all, notice the topic above reads "From 15 to 40". No, it does not mean we went from 15 to 40 members, but rather it symbolises our guilds current progress from 15-man raids to 40-man raids. We are not quite there yet, but with a few more key classes to round up our raid-roster we should be quite ready to give Molten Core a whirl. Curse Blizzard for not implementing transitional raid content between 15-man and 40-man raid limits.

Recruiting for a guild that wants to tackle end-game content independantly is lot tougher than most people realise, more so on our low-population server, just take a look at the following link - Why some Rogues and Hunters can't find a group or raid at lv60. Yes, isn't 100% accurate, but the stark contrast between the amount of Priests vs. the DPS classes should tell you a lot. Given that all major raids revolves around having a healthy amount of Priests and Healers, you can see how hard it is to build a raiding guild from such a small pool of Healers. If you happen to belong to a guild that can field 7-10 Priests reliably every night, congratulations, you are enjoying a luxury 95% of this server will never see. To the new players reading this, please for the love of gnomes roll a Priest or Druid instead of Hunter #1102, that's if you want to improve your chances of joining a raid in the future.

Many people and even some of our newer members have asked me why Valhall doesn't raid with other guilds, the reason is simple really. As said before in our previous update, Valhall has always been an independant guild, we will either do it as a guild or not at all. It doesn't matter how long we get there, but we want to get there on our own. I have no doubt that by co-raiding we can probably beat Onyxia or a majority of Molten Core this very moment, but that really takes a lot of the sense of accomplishment away for us. It really doesn't matter to me that we don't beat whatever encounter first, our focus is on building our foundations slowly but surely to achieve a full and proper raiding-roster for expansions to come - afterall, Rome wasn't built in a day. So, please do not think we are aloof, for our gnomes are very friendly (except for Puffi).

I have also discovered a rather amusing, albeit disturbing, rumour about Valhall. It seems that certain individuals has been spreading the rumour of Valhall not allowing members to group or raid outside the guild, that members must raid whenever they are online and that Valhall controls your eat and sleep patterns. Ok that last bit was an exaggeration, but you get the idea. I mean seriously people, with rules like that we'd be losing people a lot faster than we are gaining them, don't ya think? We have abut 60ish total active and happy members, throw any of them a whisper and find out for yourself what's it really like in Valhall. Why be a victim of nonsense propaganda when you can so easily let -basic- common sense prevail?

Rants out of the way, we are still recruiting selectively, mainly the classes listed on the column to the right. In addition to that, you need to be be no less than lv50. Take note that you are NOT required to raid whenever you are online (just ask any of our members), but you must have the interest in large-scale guild raids. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. If you are interested in joining us, visit our Forums and check out he Recruitment section for more information.

Anyways, here are some random screenshots taken from our numerous UBRS runs to get the blood from General Drakkisath. It definately gets boring after a while, but the rewards are very decent considering each run takes no more than 1hr 45mins or so.


posted by Ugg on Friday 6th May 2005