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18 Apr 07 : TBC-T4: Winds of Change

So yeah, this update has come a bit earlier than I had expected, and I think you can tell from the banner pics how much progress we have made over the last few weeks after killing Magtheridon. I had originally planned to slack on the updates a bit and use the time to catch up with a bit of PS2 gaming, but patch 2.1 had inspired me so much that I even decided to update the graphics a little.

That's right, I'm sure every guild can agree with me what a breath of fresh air patch 2.1 has been, and what a huge impact it has made to bring the fun back into raiding. Trash clearing in SSC/TK used to be as enjoyable as hammering rusty nails into your genitalia, but with the reduced hps of trash mobs accompanied by the very decent trash drops such as Nether Vortexes and epic recipes we've actually felt happily satisfied clearing trash to get to a boss now. I could write on about a lot of the other positive changes of late but I'm sure you all get the idea, Blizzard listened, we are all having fun again, let's hope this is a sign of good things to come.

So back to Valhall. We've been really busy raiding up to 5-6 days per week lately, but it's more of a result of the positive changes that 2.1 brought about that has really encouraged our progress through SSC and TK, I guess when you are having fun you'd just want to play more and want more out of the game. I won't go into details about our kills, but to sum it up we killed Morogrim Tidewalker and Fathom-Lord Karathress before the patch, Void Reaver, Hydross and Lurker the following reset, and just this week we've killed Leotheras which of course opens up the way to the much talked about Lady Vashj. We've only given her one test drive since it was late into the night after killing Leotheras, but it already looks like a very very fun encounter and we're all looking forward to it. I'd love to comment more on the various bosses we've killed, but since I should've been asleep 5hrs ago I'm afraid that will have to wait till after Lady Vashj and/or Kael'thas is slain. For now, enjoy the limited assortment of pics since I'm always forgetting to take meaningful screenshots.

image 1
image 2
image 3

posted by Ugg on Wednesday 18th April 2007