24 Jun 06 : Hello Naxxramas, Goodbye C'thun


Summer. That time of the year where Valhall members traditionally take the 'red pill' and roll our naked bodies upon endless green grasslands, frolicking and tap dancing arm in arm butt naked in the wild. It is a tradition that we believe is neccesary to maintain an even, albeit temporary tan, to give friends and family the illusion that we have a life outside of online gaming. The fact that it helps to recharge our batteries is a distant secondary. This Summer however, has been a little different.

I have to admit, it has been a real challenge to maintain a feasible raid roster, to manage the influx of new recruits and the imminent return of members from their seasonal break. Needless to say it has definately slowed our progress, but compared to previous years where we don't even raid during Summer I can't really complain. It took a pretty long while to integrate our new recruits as well. We have never implemented gear checks on applicants, so to gear and train up a green geared rookie to get him/her up to speed for C'thun and Naxxramas has been very time consuming, but worthwhile nontheless.

So anyways, We had unfinished business to take care of, and I always believe in finishing what we started - Ahn'Qiraj and C'thun. As you may already know, Naxxramas was released not long ago, and Tier3 loots was simply too irresistable to ignore. We spent about 2 weeks in the zone to get a feel for this awesome new instance and that delayed our C'thun progress some, but in exchange we've defeated Anub'Rhekan, Grand Widow Faerlina and Instructor Razuvious, as well as getting first hand experience on some other bosses. Only just last week did we get back to C'thun practice proper, and due to the presence of several new recruits the raid had to re-learn the encounter as a whole. It wasn't too long before the entire raid got around to executing a near flawless Phase 1, although it's not as fast as I would've liked, C'thun isn't an encounter where better players can cover for the shortcomings of the less alert players, so it's understandably frustrating.

Now, If only C'thun was a totally separate encounter from AQ la Onyxia, it would be the perfect retard filter for all guild-recruiters. You know what I'm talking about, everyday we get applications coming in from people who feed us with bullcrap like 'I play everyday' or people who 'consider themselves to be a very skilled player'. C'thun is quite simply a guild-recruiter's wet dream, where you can bring recruits to a C'thun raid and see if they are as good as they claim to be. After which you take the very bullshit from them and throw it right back to their faces and send them off to Bruised-Egos Ville.

Now that C'thun is over and done with, what will the ladies be doing next? Besides destroying server economy and making little girls or gnomes cry (maybe even little girly gnomes), we will be focusing on Naxxramas. It won't be easy with our depleted Summer raid force, so I am expecting a real uphill task at hand, but as always we'll manage. Congratulations once again to the new Recruits who made Lady rank, and to Midian aka. Babycakes for whoring 2 C'thun drops. Enjoy your Summer holidays everyone, may the Hoff be with you.


posted by Ugg on Saturday 24th June 2006