03 May 06 : C'Thun


It's been a while since our previous update, a combination of factors such as Easter holidays and members getting tied up with work and school commitments all at once couldn't have come at a worse time. Basically over the past month our progress in AQ had been slowed to a crawl while members went on holidays and fixed their real lives. But hey, holiday's over and the ladies are back in full force.

I'm sure you must have heard of the Twin Emperors by now, in a nutshell this is one of the best encounters WoW has ever seen, you'll have to experience it yourselves to know what I mean. Remember the times you got an adrenalise rush when Ragnaros, Vael or Huhuran reached 10% and below for the first time? Well, you're gonna get that sensation past 80% of this encounter all the way till the Twins are dead, I know I did. One person making the slightest of miscalculations or misjudgement is all it takes for shit to hit the fan. Imagine the Vael encounter, lasting 12-15mins, where BA's detonates in 10 seconds - and you don't have CTRA to whisper the slackers. Yeah, something like that. Basically you spend the next 10-15mins just waiting for something to fuck up, just because something most likely WILL fuck-up, and as each minute ticks by you go 'holy shit no fuck ups yet!'
Kudos to some of our new recruits who have had to step up their game wearing just blues and greens for this encounter (and prior attempts), may this punishing encounter be a taste of the impending torture that is to come for you new ladies. No really I'm serious.

So anyway after giving out the semi-decent drops, we proceeded to get a taste of 'The Trash after Twin Emperors™'. When you are yelling 'DRUIDS COMBAT RES PRIESTS NOW!' and 'BURN HIM DOWN BURN HIM DOWN' on trash mobs you know WoW has come a long way. Not that it took long to clear all of them out in an hour or two, but it will definately surprise you the same way an anal probe would while you are in deep slumber. 'Trash™' will no longer take on the same meaning after AQ. The amount of trash seemed a bit excessive initially, but in hindsight I thought it wasn't that bad considering you are essentially clearing to 2 bosses at once, Ouro and C'Thun.

Now as you may notice from the screenies below, we didn't last really long against C'thun, whether or not this encounter is another step up from the Twin Emperors remains to be seen, but for now it does look like it's every bit as much fun as the Twin Emps. Here's hoping the ladies aren't too late to clear out AQ before Naxxramas comes around.


posted by Ugg on Wednesday 3rd May 2006