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01 Jan 06 : Lethon and buddies bites the dust on New Years


First of all, Valhall would like to wish all visitors to our humble site a very happy and properous New Year, may all your epic dreams come true in the year of 2006.

Now if you may remember not long ago I explained why we have yet to touch the 4 Green Dragons, main reason being that we wanted to focus on BWL and Nefarian since it was the obvious yardstick by which progress is measured. Now that we have delivered Nefarian's head, this meant that the only items left unchecked on our to-do-list are the 4 Emerald Dragons. Just last week we had our first taste of Lethon, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was pretty challenging. We didn't manage to kill him that day, but we figured out his gimmick and went back to the drawing board to draw out 'The Plan (tm)'.

As fate would have it, all 4 Dragons spawned for us on New Years Day after the server reset, and one by one they fell. First was Emeriss in Hinterlands, which was a totally new experience for us, but well...... she proved to be no more difficult than your average MC boss and it won't take more than a few tries to figure her out. Next was Taerar in Duskwood, we had actually already killed him just a day before the reset, and to be honest he seemed hard at first, but once you get the transitions down he can be even easier than Emeriss, or perhaps on par depending on your class make up. Third on the hit list was Ysondre, well what can I say about Ysondre, if you don't manage to kill her on your first 1-2 attempts you probably don't deserve the loots she drops. Lastly we had Lethon, which in my opinion is the only Green Dragon worth his salt, however after you figure him out and get the execution down, he isn't too bad. A couple wipes and some adjustments later, we walked away with a 3 death victory with no transitional tank deaths, you will understand why I am pleased with this result if you had experienced this encounter before.

In conclusion I think Ysondre, Emeriss and Taerar needs to be buffed a tad to bring them up to Lethon's challenge, especially Ysondre who is a complete and utter joke. Their loots are fine for the risks vs. rewards involved I guess, but they can drop some really good items like the Staff of Rampant Growth. Oh and one last thing, I'm never one to publicly shame people nor put down guilds (unless it's Leth or Logis) , but if I ever see one of you tards from ABC XofY guild try to train my raid again like you did at Ashenvale, I will personally make sure your reputation goes to a shittier level than it already is, although I'm not sure if that's even possible for you guys anymore. If anyone wants to watch us or any other guild attempt a boss to leech strats or for whatever-the-fuck reason, that's all fine and dandy by me, just please have the basic courtesy to stay a good few hundred yards away or you risk both training the raid or triggering a death AE like on Emeriss.

posted by Ugg on Sunday 1st January 2006