11 Dec 05 : Next stop - Ahn'Qiraj


One and a half months ago, we downed the hound of a thousand skills for the first time. We faced the much publicised 'Time Lapse' Chromaggus a bit later, and while he was a tad more challenging than the other trivial breath combos (Hi, poor design, just make Time Lapse the default 1st breath and pick a random color breath for the 2nd), we overcome him nonetheless - and we're glad we at least did it before Time Laspe gets nerfed in patch 1.9. Naturally, it was time for us to conclude yet another chapter in Valhall's history, by slaying the Lord of Blackrock Mountain himself.

As you may already know, the encounter is split into 2 distinct phases. In phase 1 you have to tackle a zerg of Drakonids (think Starwars Kid from that internet video), these draw upon randomly picked abilities and weaknesses depending on their color each instance reset, and figuring out the best method to deal with every color combo each instance reset is quite frankly the only challenge in your learning curve of this encounter, albeit a steep one. When about forty of these Drakonids are down, phase 2 begins and Blackwing descends in all of his gothic majesty. He has your typical Shadowbreath, AE fear and tail whips which you should have no problems dealing with by now, even for Horde, the only other gimmick you have to counter are his 'class calls' which incapacitates different classes in a variety of..... interesting manners. Some are downright easy to overcome, some are downright crippling, while some are just hilarious, this gimmick alone makes the encounter worthwhile and ensures everyone is at the top of their game.

To be honest, this isn't a lot more difficult than the other encounters in BWL, as compared to the in-your-face brutality of Vael and the need for every member to make important decisions on their own during Razorgore phase1. But regardless, the Nefarian encounter in its entirety proved hectic and long but a lot of fun, specially when the mages started turning the priests into giraffes and the gnomes into cows. The ladies prevailed though, and slowly reduced Nefarians health until he was willing to have his head removed and placed as decoration in Stormwind's arches. We've brought you Onyxia's head first, now Nefarian's, and you can be sure we will do our best to deliver the skulls of the Twin Emperors of AQ. While I'm not too interested in the hype of being AQ doorboy-guild since it basically proves nothing, I guess we''ll be working on it anyway, and much credit to our dear and loveable Povilas for working his ass off to that end even though he was told it wasn't a priority.

For those who care about the loots (I mean seriously, who cares about loots?), we received a Wrath and Bloodfang Chestpiece, some cloak thingy and a hunter belt thingy, while Quisom got some head at last (grats bro welcome to manhood). Loots aside, it felt truely awesome to finally down the larger than life Nefarian and to mark a truly challenging Blackwing Lair as conquered after all the show stopping difficulties we've had - monstruous lag, poor attendance (nerf real life plz). Lastly, big kudos to the Valhall officers for stepping up their game to make this happen, especially Kortben, Xzen and Gildan, and Ladies of Valhall for their preseverance and co-operation with the officers, this victory is all you ladies.

ps: this update has been brought to you by The Amazing Alma and raex.
A sombre moment in the sunset re-living every trial and tribulation that lead up to this moment.


posted by Ugg on Sunday 11th December 2005