25 Oct 05 : Nefarian, "Let the games begin."


So just a few days ago we took Broodlord down for the first time, I really didn't think I'd need to write another update this soon, but the ladies of Valhall just keeps surprising me every time as we tore through the next 4 bosses over the past few days. Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor and most of all Chromaggus all bowed to the unrelenting will of the Valhall ladies. Most importantly, the loot gods finally made the right decision and Flamegor dropped a nifty trinket for the most undergeared warrior in our guild. If only Garr did the same too and drops his Bindings of the Windseeker, Valhall's raidchat would be a much more cuss-friendly environment and children around the world would all rejoice in songs of praise.

The 3 drake encounters are executed very similarly, but I wouldn't exactly call them fun (and only 2 drops wtf), same thing with Chromaggus too really. However, one thing I do like about BWL are the trash mobs, yes you heard me correctly, I like the trash mobs. For a start there isn't a whole lot of them, the amount is just right in between bosses (ok Suppresion room --> Broodlord design is midly retarded, I will give you that.). And unlike Molten Bore or Zerg'Gurrub, the trash is actually there for more than just the reason of blatantly wasting your time - they actually provide a semi decent challenge. No doubt, once you get past them the first time it only gets easier from there, but it's still a fresh experience to kill trash and feel good about doing so (especially when they dropped 5 x Elementium Ore!).

I sincerely hope Blizzard has designed AQ to be more like a bug and lag free BWL rather than like ZG trash wise. To pseudo quote someone's brilliant suggestion on official forums, "if you are going to place an obscene amount of pointless and unchallenging trash mobs to a zone to delay players, you might as well implement 20 km long but empty corridors linking boss rooms progressively so players can afk run for 30mins to surf some porn then come back just before they reach the boss room". Hell, go ahead and add some elevator ambient music in those corridors while you're at it, or place textures of movie posters along the corridor walls. Seriously, I will love Blizzard for it if they did that, either that or design trash to be more like BWL's.

Anyways, 7 down and 1 more to go, we had a very brief taste of the Nefarian encounter and I have a feeling Mr Blackwing himself will keep us occupied for another few weeks, luckily the backdrop of this fight makes it a rather scenic place to wipe in at least - compared to walls and more walls in the other parts of the zone. Enough for now I guess, stay tuned for our next update ladies.

Look ma I'm Arms War now!

<--- Jubilant ladies shortly before spilling their internal organs all over Nefarian's room.

posted by Ugg on Tuesday 25th October 2005