13 Oct 05 : Fall of the Red, doom of the Lashlayer


It has been a good past week for Valhall, we took down Vaelastrasz the Fpsmonster for the first time last week, followed by Broodlord Oneshotter yesterday. Thanks to Blizzard's amazing random number generator, we received 1 x Rogue bracer from Razor, 2 x Rogue belt and a Dragonfang Blade (to rogue) from Vael, and finally 2 x Rogue Boots and a Rogue trinket from Broodlord last night - let me be the first to say, wtf? Rants aside (I still need more loots btw), I can't say I like the FPS and lag issues in BWL much, unless you are running on a next generation machine you will most likely have to contend with horrible framerate stuttering and freezes in certain rooms - which kinda ruins your mood to raid. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that AQ (to be released) isn't as fucked up as BWL zone architecture wise.

Are we still having fun in BWL? I'd think so, for many players new to the 'MMORPG end-game' raiding scene, BWL is going to come as a rude shock with how steep the learning curve is compared to Molten Core, players who are mostly 'casual' and are just tagging along the Molten Core free-loots-wagon will mostly likely be disgusted (and weeded out 8) ). It is no secret that Tier 2 armor is hardly worth the effort of countless wipes to learn BWL, but thankfully for us, I get a massive hard-on for some of the 0.0001% drop rate items from here that are actually worth farming, this means the ladies of Valhall will be slogging in the BWL saltmines for a long time to come.

I have been asked by quite a few random people (and our own too) why we haven't killed any of the new Dragons, and while I don't think it's that big a deal I will briefly explain why anyway. Basically, our focus is on BWL right now, the difficulty of the zone is such that in order to make any real progress a large amount of time and gold resources need to be poured into this zone (or maybe we just suck!). Sure, we can do everything concurrently at a slower overall pace, but between random world bosses and zone bosses I'd pick the obvious 'milestone' to pursue on our 4-5 raid-day weekly schedule. If none of us had any real life commitments then I'd gladly get the guild to compete-camp world bosses at 2-fucking-pm on a weekday and raid BWL at night, but alas such is the cruelty of real life. Rest assured though, when we are done with Nefarius, we will kill all of the Green Dragons.

Lastly, we are still on the lookout for an active Paladin with decent playtime. We raid from 19:30 on 2-3 weekdays, and 15:00 game time on weekends usually, so if you are confident of being able to contribute to our raids regularly feel free to send Xzen a whiper or PM on our forums. An opening for Rogues might also open next month so be sure to check back if you have been waiting for recruitment to open.

Loots from our first Vael kill

<--- Broodlord violated.

posted by Ugg on Thursday 13th October 2005