30 Sep 05 : Taming the Untamed


I'm pretty sure there was a time for every guild when you first killed Lucifron and you thought 'damn we're badass', I know we did too. 1 week ago, we made our first forray into Blackwing Lair, and it didn't take long for us to agree that Razorgore is not quite the Lucifron of Blackwing Lair. 3 nights of attempts and a dozen wipes later, we finally tore down his zerg defence and said hello to Blackwing Lair proper. But alas, where the pain finally ends the true horror begins, Vaelastrasz took no time to inform us that Razorgore IS indeed the Lucifron of Blackwing Lair. Needless to say, Blackwing Lair has been a humbling experience so far despite our recent Ragnaros and Hakkar kills, but despite the much talked about piss poor risk vs reward in Blackwing Lair we are very much enjoying ourselves so far, and we're very much looking forward to the steeper challenges ahead.

I'd say the Razorgore event is pretty unique in terms of it's difficulty level, in that it requires great execution from -every- member of the raid but yet it isn't overly gear dependant. In fact, I'd go as far as to say its 95% execution and you can beat this encounter in non-raid gear. Vaelastrasz on the other hand is a different beast altogether, he puts out huge amounts of pain and you'd need perfect aggro management and immense DPS to bring him down. I can't say too much about this encounter yet as we've only had one go at him, but with some luck I will put up another update before long, I hope. Attached below is also a pic of our birthday surprise for Aira, but really pics doesn't do this event any justice, you'd have to be there to experience it. Fortunately our members have been volunteered by the establishment to do this again for my birthday for the sake of those who missed it.

We surprised Aira for her birthday as she
logged on in front of Stormwind Church!

<-- Leth proving his lack of worth once again.

So, what happened after Razorgore you ask? Welp, we came face to face with Vaelastrasz the Corrupt next, the famous 'Burning Adrenaline' boss. But alas, our joy at defeating Razorgore was shortlived, to sum up our experience with Vael - We came, we saw, we died.

First, we spied the dastardly Lord Victor Nefarius farming soul shards, apparently getting rdy for his impending battle with Valhall. Unfortunately, the sly fox got away before we managed to buff up =/.

Even more unfortunate was the event that Vaelastrasz woke up and mistook us for his captor. Indeed, he was pissed.

I knew I had to react quick in order for the raid to not wipe. Thankfully for Valhall, my ninja senses tingled and I remembered that I had Improved Taunt 2, I knew this was the time to finally put my elite Protection Spec to good use.

Somehow I had a feeling that really ticked him off, for his response was swift, and deadly. The insult had barely left my mouth when the bastage landed a lucky Crushing Blow on me, I felt excruciating pain for a split second as I exploded on impact and then..... peace.

And then it all came together, in yet another of my moments of inspiration I recieved a divine message from the Emerald Dream. I had the answer, the spoilerz if you prefer, to how this monstrosity can be defeated.

The guild agreed with me unanimously. And in the end, Valhall decided once again to let me bear the heavy burden of recieving the next 7 Warrior items to drop from Molten Core and Zul'Gurrub, a burden I must live with yet again.

posted by Ugg on Friday 30th September 2005