19 Sep 05 : Hakkar vanquished


Not quite Blackwing Lair yet, but here's a mini update anyways. I'm sure all of you should have heard of Zul'Gurub by now, the 20-man zone where good loots are too good and bad loots are really bad, where items have their blue and purple coding mixed up and are on par with MC/BWL items. Don't get me wrong, despite the absolutely whacked itemization this zone can still be considered a big success, if only it came out 2 months earlier though. Personally, I felt there was a little too much trash to clear overall, there were too many 'small' camps of mobs and roamers that provides no challenge or fun factor whatsover other than to slow progress down. The boss rooms however were fine, such as Hexxer's room with the 9 mob groups, sadly despite their numbers the trash hardly hits for anything so you're never really in any danger of wiping to trash unless you tried really hard to fuck up.

The boss encounters, however, are extremely well designed and well tuned for a 20man raid to provide a decent level of challenge although some of the encounters are more biased towards certain class make-ups. My personal favourite was Jin'do the Hexxer, it's not terribly hard but it requires focus from every member of the raid to execute a very simple and direct strat in a very intense fight. Next would be Bloodlord Mandokir for the humor value ('Please don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry'), but I thought the spirits providing auto resses kinda trivialised an already easy encounter. Many people have complained about Panther boss being bugged where the event doesn't register as a kill after you win, luckily for us we did not encounter such bugs and took her down after a few wipes - note that I do not consider the 1 million panther zerg to be a bug but a feature. My advise for those of you banging your heads against this encounter would be to not over-complicate the fight (*edit* the panther zerg seems to have been hotfixed on our 2nd kill and she is a walkover now, grats free loots!). Also of note is the Spider aspect boss which many pre-MC guilds are having problems with, I don't think she's terribly hard in that she doesn't put out insta-wipe dps, all you really need is for people to be alert in controlling her after she webs. If anything Spider boss trains you for Shazzrah I guess.

And what about Hakkar the Blood God? Well, to be honest I was expecting more out of this fight. I have heard that it was well designed and fun, but to be honest I thought it was retarded and anti-climatic compared to some of the other mini-bosses. There are only 2 real highlights of this encounter, 1) the satisfaction of figuring out the 'catch' for the first time, which of course you wouldn't have since you've probably read spoilers, and 2) cussing out loud when he heals because you were too slow. It's a slow and boring ass fight that tests your endurance (and patience in my case), if it weren't for Hakkar's stupidly overpowered loots I really wouldn't bother killing him again.

Anyways, don't really have a lot of screenies to put up other than the token corpse shot, in addition I introduce you to the ultimate of gaydom himself - Anuroth aka. Anus.


posted by Ugg on Monday 19th September 2005