15 Sep 05 : Death of a Titan, Reawakening of Another


It was a titanic battle that took place 2 months late, but the sweet taste of victory was pleasant nonetheless. Tonight, the thunderous hammer of Valhall clashed against the volcanic hammer of Ragnaros - and in the end, the hammer of Valhall had struck harder. What an encounter it was, words can't describe the adrenaline rush you get while fighting a foe as intimidating looking as Ragnaros (best boss model ever, period.) In the most epic 7 mins of Valhall's WoW history, we perfectly executed a new Sons strategy and finally extinguised the angry flames of the Fire God.

Just 1 month ago, we had come out of a raid slumber as you may already know, I had originally set a target of 6 weeks to conquer Molten Core as I had wanted us to find our footing slowly (what can I say, I'm a conservative man). In just the first week of raiding, we had already cleared all of Molten Core to spawn Ragnaros for the first time (read previous update), this was when I realised it can be done much earlier than expected. Leading up to our Ragnaros kill tonight, we spent the entire 2nd week to get our Fire Resist up to par for this encounter starting from 0 fire resist gear, zilch, nada. We got off our asses and farmed Dark Iron Ore by the thousands in the span of one week to get a Smith to Revered thorium faction for Dark Iron Armor, we rallied everyone and farmed for librams and burning essences every single night, while our Alchemists churned out Fire resist potions by the dozens. By the 3rd week, we were fully geared up in Dark Iron Gear and various FR equipment and ready to give Ragnaros a real try. This simply would not have been possible if not for the dedication and ambition of our members, this is the very reason why our Valhall members wear our guildtag with pride. I am glad to have all the new members with us, and I am even more glad the old Valhall corp is as dedicated as ever, you ladies are the best.

On to the Ragnaros encounter. I'm not sure what to say that you haven't already read on other sites, but my advice would be to start working on Fire resist gear right now and not when you are actually there, don't do it last minute or you are looking at sky high Libram prices.
Phase 1 (Ragnaros) is somewhat like a modified version of Onyxia, slightly more predictable de-aggro spikes on the Tank but with more annoying AEs all around (f*ck By Fire be Purged). It has a slightly steeper learning curve than Onyxia encounter I guess, but in due practice you probably won't even lose more than a few people in this phase if any at all. Phase 2 (Sons of Flame) is all about making a chaotic situation as un-chaotic as possible, everyone needs to be alert and everyone has a role to play in crowd control and minimising mana/health attrition.
There are definately more than one ways to deal with Sons, but the bottomline is treat this phase seriously like an art instead of blowing through with brute force, and when you can control Phase 2 without deaths and minimal mana drain you aren't far from beating Ragnaros. The thing you need to note is that Sons of Flames are hardly as 'chaotic' as you they may seem initially, but if you have been following all the 'omfgwepwned ragnaros' videos posted on the net then you are probably doing it in an extremely messy manner - which might actually still work if you have enough brute dps to burn Ragnaros down. Phase 3 and 4 are repeats of 1 and 2, so as the fight wears on attrition will definately set in and make things much more challenging, this is why most guilds try to beat Ragnaros before the 2nd Sons wave. When we first started we reguarly got beyond the 2nd Sons phase, but by then attrition was a bit too much for us to finish him off. Tonight we tried an all new approach to the Sons, and the efficiency of which surprised even myself, as we took him to 48% pre-Sons and finishing him off after just one Sons wave.

One thing I can tell you for sure though, and that is beating Ragnaros will definately fill you with a real sense of accomplishment like nothing you have experienced so far. The drops we got from Ragnaros were dismal to say the least, but none of us are complaining - yet.

Stay tuned for our next update, - Enter Blackwing Lair


posted by Ugg on Thursday 15th September 2005