21 Aug 05 : Ragnaros summoned


Hello there once again. Some of you might be wondering why this homepage has not been updated for 2 months, well, the reason is simply because we have been inactive for 2 months. Just a while ago we were at the top of our game, taking down Magmadar and Onyxia in some server firsts - and then I fell ill and had to take an extended break for 2 months. This resulted in Valhall falling into slumber, some people left us for more active guilds while some new ones joined, but the majority of Valhall stayed loyal and stuck through during this rough patch. And for this, I thank you ladies for staying true to your roots.

I've only just returned last Sunday, where we did a 'warm-up' raid to test the new people and to get our raid feel back, and apparently we haven't lost much of it, taking her down yet again. Bolstered by our success, we were determined to pick up the pieces where we left off 2 months back - Molten Core. I'm not sure what to say here really, other than this very Molten Core update is 2 months overdue. In the span of 1 short week of raiding once again, we tore through the entire zone and spawned Ragnaros for the first time by disposing of Majorhomo Executus on our 2nd attempt. Of course, we are not at all prepared for the Ragnaros encounter since I didn't exactly predict us to reach him this fast, but rest assured he will go down soon enough. Frankly speaking, I do not really mind who kills Ragnaros first. Coming out of a 2 months slumber means we have a ton of catching up to do, but I have been more than happy with our progress and that is all I can ask for. For this, I will make damn sure to duly reward each and every member of Valhall.

Lastly, I leave you with some low quality screenshots provided by Macatamy, who for some obscure reason prefers to take pics of trash clearing instead of boss fights.

Make no mistake - The Sleeper has awakened.


posted by Ugg on Sunday 21st August 2005