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24 May 05 : Night of Dragonslaying

We have reached a new milestone tonight, the Black Lady and Azuregos has fallen in rapid succession to the might of the Hammer of Valhall. Fresh off our success in Molten Core last week, I decided to focus on individual encounters this week to see how well we would do with our new found confidence. I would've liked to carry on learning the rest of the Molten Core zone but figured it would be a more significant milestone to conquer individual encounters first instead of 'just another boss' in Molten Core.

First on the list was Onyxia, The Black Lady. I really love this encounter, and it really isn't hard for anyone who has tried it to see why. Minimal trash clearing, interesting lore (lots of pre-quests), brilliantly scripted encounter, excellent risk vs rewards - the list goes on. I sincerely hope the bulk of future end-game content will be molded Onyxia-style (sans excessive keying), though I am not neccesarily dissatisfied with Molten Core. We spent last Sunday feeling the encounter out with 29 at first and got her to 52%, with our best attempt at 25% later on as a few more people logged on. Needless to say we knew we had her, we made some tweaks and gave it another go tonight, and it proved to be the key of the encounter as we mastered Phase 1 and 2 almost flawlessly. Phase 3 was crazy fun, but amidst the chaos we lost a portion of the raid force, but by then it was a done deal as she keeled over and became another of Valhall's war trophies. High on adrenaline after hanging Onyxia's head in Stormwind, we decided it was payback time for another dragon - Azuregos.

Interestingly enough, Azuregos is in principle a souped up version of the Onyxia Phase 1 encounter, it's all about aggro, attrition and endurance. If you can control her aggro and minimise attrition, this fight will be easy because her damage output is pathetic, but be prepared for an endurance test if you lose dps early on. A special holler goes out to Mongol the Orc who was using Distracting shot (I think!) to mess up our plan throughout the fight, but at least he was acting in character compared to the Alliance cretin who came over to belittle us in general chat last time heh.

So anyways, I forgot to take screenies of the fights as I was busy yelling all night, but once I get my hands on some from our members I will post them up here. As for loots, I guess we got some of the better drops from their loot tables, no Cloaks at least. Lastly, I want to thank our ladies once again for stepping up and raising the bar yet again this week, I am sure now we will score more success over the next few weeks with our wonderful crew of gnomes and gnome-haters.

posted by Ugg on Tuesday 24th May 2005