16 May 05 : Playing with Fire

The pictures says it all, Valhall has finally started on the raid-game, and we're off to a pretty good start. We started off with Azuregos last week as our very first raid target, but several of our members were still inexperienced with large scale raiding so we didn't do as well as I would've hoped, however we did get her down to 25% which wasn't too shabby with a 34 man force. The Azuregos raid was good fun overall, although we had some rude guests with too much time on their hands that came over to taunt us, but thank god for /ignore. I do hope Blizzard stops adding outdoor raid bosses in the future and more Onyxia type encounters instead, instanced with minimal trash clearing - perfect.

Anyways, this week I decided to give Molten Core a try despite us not being able to field a full raid yet, just to get a 'feel' of the zone. But as you can see, we went a lot more than just experiencing the zone, taking down Lucifron and Magmadar on separate days. It was a fresh experience raiding a zone that actually presents some sort of a challenge, but I'll admit they could've done with less HPs on the trash, it's gonna get old really quick having to clear 10s of millions of hitpoints worth of trash mobs. As for Lucifron and Magmadar, I'll admit that these 2 bosses are the easiest encounters in the entire zone, but for how inexperienced we were at high-end raids I think we did fine, and it certainly was a valuable learning experience that will surely boost the guild to further heights in the near future. What loots did they drop you ask? Well, I'm not gonna announce and regurgitate every single piece of loot that drops each raid like so many other sites, who the hell cares when you have Thottbot really. All I care about, is the effort and focus that our members put in to make our maiden raids such a success, so I thank you ladies of Valhall.

Lastly, our recruitment is still open for select classes listed on the right, minimum lvl requirement is lv55, contact one of our officers if you are interested. With that I shall leave you with some screenshots of our MC and Azuregos raid, hope to bring you more soon ;).


posted by Ugg on Monday 16th May 2005