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09 Mar 13 : Mists of Pandaria

With another expansion comes another news post. This time around though simply bringing you up to date with Valhall`s current state is not the only thing we have been working on. As you may have noticed already, we moved servers to

A bit of intra-guild clean up ensured our roster (mostly) reflects our actual raiding roster, giving you a more accurate picture of who and which class is actively raiding right now. Our recruitment needs are now advertized on the portal page and updated in a timely fashion. We are still busy with some more work behind the scenes to ensure the portal website is as awesome as humanly possible, so do check back regularly to find out what else we came up with.

And now for some actual game related information. MoP brought quite a few people back to the game who were not really active at the end of cataclysm, so we were able to do 25man raiding on a recurring basis, pretty successfully too. The holidays however had their usual impact December last year, forcefully introducing a no-raid period of around two months and reducing our roster from 25man to 10man.

We came back with a vengeance though, clearing the rest of the tier (special thanks to our recruits who really helped us out here). As you can see on the right hand side, we are still looking for additions to this 10man raiding team for 5.2, for more information on what kind of player we are looking for please follow the link provided. Raex`s forum post on recruitment explains in detail what awaits you should your application be successful.


As our hardcore raiding days are a thing of the past, we find raiding 3 days a week to be matching our push for progression as well as ensuring a healthy game/life balance; although we do tiptoe into heroic mode if time allows for it. In our progression towards clearing the instances of 5.1, we found the highest difficulty in Heart of Fear. With the difficulty ramping up from Garalon onwards, getting the right strategy and mechanic down for our raid composition sometimes proved to be a challenge.

Once we defeated the Grand Empress, Terrace of Endless Spring unfortunately felt as a bonus loot instance. A very disappointing fact and culmination of this sentiment was the last fight of this tier, Sha of Fear; as the end boss of 5.1, we expected more. We did feel Blizzard concentrated too much on making this a memorable heroic encounter instead of also ensuring normal mode was not a boring repetition of very few not quite distinct phases (more adds..).

I am also happy to to report that besides raiding, most of Blizzard`s newly introduced features in this expansion have led to more enthusiasm towards the game by our guild members, in this case pet hunting/battling as well as challenge modes, where our efforts to complete every instance on silver is near completion.

Furthermore, with the addition of a certain druid director to our fold, you can look forward to Valhall raid and challenge mode videos as well as (finally) boss kill shots. Before we never seemed to be able to take them at all...

With 5.2 just around the corner, we are eager to clear the next raid instance, Throne of Thunder. If you are currently looking for a guild, take a closer look at what we are about. You might be the awesome tank, healer or DPS we are looking for. See you ingame!

posted by Ugg on Saturday 9th March 2013