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07 Dec 10 : Cataclysm

Welcome to Valhall! It has been quite a while since our last update, but the release of Cataclysm re-ignited our interest in the game and made us excited enough to put a little time into updating our website.

For those unfamiliar with the history of Valhall, we started out in EverQuest about 10 years ago. When World of Warcraft was released we decided to give it a shot. Our original plan was to chill a bit, do some 5-man content and maybe a little raiding for fun.

However, things did not quite turn out as intended and we ended up the top raiding guild of Azjol-Nerub. By the time TBC arrived many members were starting to become a bit tired of hardcore raiding. During TBC Valhall changed into a more socially oriented guild aiming at defeating the content at a relaxed pace. We beat, in our own time, then complete content of TBC and WotLK.

We are also not solely a wow community, our members enjoy many different games (even together), among them Star Craft 2 and whatever mmo is currently attempting to replace WoW.

Since not everyone made it back yet to the game for this expansion, we are currently focusing on 10man raids only, with a rather small, solid core of raiders. Having cleared the first raiding tier in cataclysm on normal mode, we will be doing heroic content after a brief spell of gear farming. To finalize our raiding team for heroics, we are currently recruiting. For more details, please visit our recruitment forum.

posted by Ugg on Tuesday 7th December 2010