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06 Apr 05 : Return of the Gnomes

Hi there, welcome to Valhall's homepage. Before we get started, some of you may find this webpage design suspiciously familiar. Well, your spider senses are correct, this webpage's layout and skeleton is the same as that of an Everquest guild named Cestus Dei, which I designed back when I still played Everquest with them last year. Hope that clears up the confusion and quells the plagiarism theories.

I shall start by giving a brief introduction to Valhall's background. We are a Nordic guild (mostly Swedes and Danes) formed in the year 2001, in the game Everquest on the Veeshan server. Some of you ex-veeshanites might have heard of us, we were famous, or perhaps infamous, for our terrifying legion of Gnomes. Big headed gnomes, shaved gnomes, retarded gnomes, horny gnomes, or 2 boxed-gnomes; we had them all. Alas, our gnome brigade has lessened of late but as you can see in the pic above the gnome in us is still strong. We were also known as a laid-back yet extremely capable guild consisting of mostly real-life friends and family, and went as far as having annual guild gatherings and barbeques at our members' place; it is a bond we take pride in. Unfortunately, like all good things, Valhall came to an end in 2003 when members grew weary of Everquest, we were disbanded but clung on to the hope that we will once again reform. And reform we did, with much excitement we got back together in 2004 to try out Everquest 2. However while EQ2 was a massive improvement over EQlive, it just wasn't what the majority of us wanted. A small portion of members that enjoyed EQ2 stayed behind to continue the EQ2 chapter of Valhall, while the majority of us moved on to Azeroth, World of Warcraft, this would explain why we have EQ2 and WoW sections for our forums.

What are our goals in World of Warcraft? Well, we have traditionally been an easy-going guild that consists of an eclectic mix of casual and hardcore players, whom are capable of beating end-game raid encounters (I'd like to think so anyway at least!). What this translates to in the WoW context is this, we aspire to beat any raid encounter/instance that Blizzard throws at us, but we will also have time for our members to pursue other casual interests and PvP as well. And most importantly, we will try not to repeat the same mistake of inflicting upon ourselves the 'raid burnout' that we suffered in Everquest. I can't quantitatively state what equates to 'too much raiding' for us, but we will not be a 6-7 raid-days per week type of guild for sure. Lastly, we don't care about being the best or the first - but we want to say we did it.

And with that, we have taken the first steps towards establishing our identity on Azjol-Nerub. Our immediate goal now is to open up our recruitment, and start building our foundation of core active raiders to get ready for places like Molten Core (no pun intended).

What are our guild management and recruitment policies? To list a few:

Raid attendance (24+ players) is not compulsory, but we do operate on a raid credit system to reward dedicated members who raid a lot.

We recruit players selectively according to our raid needs, but we will always value personality more than ability. Of course, its good to have both personality and talent, but if I had to choose between 2 applicants - one whom is a casual player but has exceptionally good standing with our members, and a Class-A hardcore raiding MMORPG prodigy with a bad attitude, we'll take the former.

Our minimal level requirement is currently lv30 since the game is still in its infant stages, this is subject to increase as the server becomes more mature. However, do note that level requirements might be waived for high demand classes (ie Priests/Druid) should we be impressed by a player's potential.

We are looking for Nordic players mostly, but exceptions will be made on a case by case basis (gnome irl?).

Applicants will be tagged as initiates for an indefinite period of time depending on the individual's playtime and pro-activeness to get to know the guild. The guild (not just officers), will then judge the applicants' aptitude and attitude on our forums before deciding on his or her membership.

That said, we are currently highly interested in having more Druids, as well as 1-2 Mages, Paladins, Priests, Warlocks and Warriors to round up our roster. If you have any enquiries, feel free to drop a message on our forums or contact one of our Officers in game (preferably Puffi when he's busy in an instance).

ps: the gnomes from left to right are Messmer, Puffe, Puffi (jackass), Milaar, Stizala and Migrus

posted by Ugg on Wednesday 6th April 2005