20 May 17 : Tomb of Sargeras, ladies assemble!

We are still alive, just had too much fun playing to come back and update our front page! To recap, we cleared 10/10 Heroic Nighthold and are currently sitting 3/10 Mythic while we pass the time waiting for Tomb of Sargeras to open. We have quite a solid raid team for Heroic at the moment but if you want to apply we would still consider strong applicants of any class. Some actual in-game kill shots will follow... maybe.

posted by Ugg on Saturday 20th May 2017

09 Jan 17 : Legion Update

Progress thus far in Emerald Nightmare is 5/7 7/7 Mythic, recruitment is open for NIghthold.

Battlefield artist Kerafyrm supplied us with this glorious killshot as everyone in the excitement forgot. Image

posted by Ugg on Monday 9th January 2017